10 Shared Office Space Etiquette Rules | Coworking Infographic

Coworking Infographic

When working in a shared office space, you can create a friendly environment by being conscientious of the other workers. You can even establish a courteous workplace etiquette that everyone will adopt. If you use or are looking for an office space to share, please consider these shared workspace etiquette tips.

Coworking Infographic 1

1. Practice leaving no traces.

When cleaning up, make a goal to leave the work space as if nobody used it. Organizing, wiping surfaces and other small tasks can make a huge difference.

Coworking Infographic 2

2. Keep a pleasant and quiet phone voice.

One of the most important shared workspace etiquette rule is keeping the place quiet. If someone on the other end has a hard time hearing, try to work out a different time to call or go to another part of the building if possible. Talking in a normal voice prevents conflicts and ensures that other workers can hear their clients on their phones.

Coworking Infographic 3

3. Bring your own supplies.

Only ask for supplies if there is an emergency. If someone loans you supplies, try to return or replace them as a courtesy.

Coworking Infographic 4

4. Be friendly and courteous.

Make an effort to keep a pleasant tone, greet coworkers and listen patiently. This boosts morale and fosters good working relationships. Also, take extra steps such as opening doors, allowing others on the elevator first or thanking coworkers.

Coworking Infographic 5

5. Be aware of scents.

If you like a certain perfume, lotion or air freshener, make sure that it is subtle. Since some people may be sensitive to smells, it is optimal to skip the perfume. Also, you can ask coworkers who share the space if they mind the scent if you really want to wear it.

Coworking Infographic 6

6. Be an independent role model.

In some cases, collaboration can be beneficial. However, it is better to be self-sufficient. This also sets an example to other workers to do the same, which means more efficiency for everyone.

Coworking Infographic 7

7. Try to make connections.

One of the biggest benefits of shared working spaces is the networking opportunities. Reach out to other renters or coworkers, and get to know them and what they do. These connections can be valuable and can help earn you some word-of-mouth advertising.

Coworking Infographic 8

8. Be a courteous eater.

Shared working spaces mean shared eating spaces in many instances. If you eat at the office, it is better to choose mild foods that do not leave strong odors. When you finish eating, you can keep everyone happy by throwing away your trash and taking care of your dishes. Also, you set a good example to the others.

Coworking Infographic 9

9. Replace things when you use them.

If your co-working space has a printer, refill the paper when the tray is empty. When you finish the coffee, start a fresh pot. These small gestures show the other people who share your space that you care about their comfort.

Coworking Infographic 10

10. Only use your allowed space.

When people find shared office space for rent, they usually have permission for certain areas. If you do not use extra unauthorized space, you ensure that other workers have access to their needed spaces, and this helps people build respect for one another.

Thank you for reading and learning this coworking infographic. If you follow this shared workplace etiquette guide, you are well on your way to building a friendly, efficient and courteous shared space.

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