7 Reasons Why Office Design and Decor Matters

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Businesses are slowly becoming cautious of their office design and décor. This could be because they finally realize that these two have a huge impact on the people working in the office as well as those visiting for a short time.

When you think about it, employees spend most of their time in the office. It is only right that they work in a comfortable environment for them to perform at their optimal level. On the other hand, before visitors sit down to talk business with you in the office, most of them already have made a judgment about your business by just looking at the design and décor, or through the ambience they perceive of the two.

If you are still not convinced that office design and décor matters, here are 7 reasons that will make you change your mind.

1.      It affects employee collaboration

Employee collaboration is very critical for any organization in terms of productivity. That is why companies must put in all the needed efforts to ensure that collaboration is enhanced in the workplace. Surprisingly, office design and décor can easily improve collaboration. All you need to do is plan your office in a way that it enhances workplace relationships.

For starters, an open office plan encourages conversations as compared to when some people are locked up in a cubicle. In addition, incorporating a break room or a functional kitchen in the design allows a place where employees can relax together during breaks. Interesting conversations are bound to spark from such bonding sessions. Consider upgrading the kitchen to give it a luxurious feel that your employees will love spending time in. It doesn’t have to be expensive, kitchen remodeling by GVD Renovations promises a superb job affordably.

 2.      It says a lot about your innovation capabilities

 Customers’ needs change at a rapid rate. If your business is to keep up with them, then it must be continually innovative. The design and décor in the office is the first telltale sign of your innovation. Truth be told, you can’t be innovative yet your office looks old and unkempt. A modern design with immaculately painted walls, exciting furniture, bright lighting and colorful artwork show that you are capable of continually changing with times.

  3.      It helps create the intended atmosphere

 Depending on the business, office design and décor should highlight the feeling that you want people visiting to have. For instance, if you operate a hospital or a spa, you want to create a relaxing mood for your clients. You will tone down on the colors or incorporate some potted plants to create that cool and relaxing ambience.

4.      Improves employee wellness

 Your human resource is a valuable asset that you should always take care of. A good design and décor can help in enhancing their wellness, comfortability and happiness. Improving the lighting in the office ensures that they don’t strain their eyes saving them from headaches and eye problems. Comfortable chairs, standing desks allow them work without hurting their backs and necks.

 5.      It reduces stress

 Some jobs are stressful and mind involving. It becomes easier to tackle them when the mind is relaxed and mood at its best level. Your office décor and design matters in this case in that if carefully thought, you can create an ambience that sparks inspiration and lifts the employees spirits. Incorporate some indoor plants in the décor for your employees to work around nature. As we all know, nature has a way of calming and relaxing the mind.

6.      Saves money

 When your business outgrows the current premises, the next logical thing to think of is relocating to a more spacious office. However, have you thought that a little tweak to the design can free up some space and save you money?

In addition, that lighting problem that you keep paying for it to be fixed can be eliminated by installing quality lighting.

 7.      It can paint you as an ideal employer

 There is a fierce fight for talents out there. If an organization is to attract and retain top talents, it must pay the price of being an ideal employer. One way to qualify as an ideal employer is to have a modern design, with exciting ambience. You must also include modern amenities such as office gyms, allowing pets at work among others. All these can be achieved by a good office design and décor.


 In a nutshell, a good office design and décor boils down to maintaining a happy workforce and portraying a positive image to the outsiders. You need your employees to work at their best, and outsiders to bring you more business. That is why this is an aspect that you shouldn’t ignore.

Jennifer Monroe

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