Working in Bangkok as an Expat: What You Need to Know


Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most luxurious places to work for an expat. Amid political unrest, the economy of this region keeps on outshining that of neighbors. Working in Bangkok as an expat is quite easy as blending in with other employee is swift and smooth. Ability to speak in Thai is a plus for you, but it is not necessary unless you need to give instructions in the local language. For expats who secure a job beforehand, Bangkok can be the doorway to ‘greener pastures’ while for expats who arrive in the city intending to seek for opportunities, and the job hunting experience can be challenging and a bit confusing.


Job Market in Bangkok

Bangkok has a stable economy despite the political unrest that has been experienced in the region for years. This economy depends primarily on foreigners investors. There are a vast number of multinational companies based in Bangkok. These companies mainly specialize in retail markets, business, finance, banking, real estate, and automotive, industrial sectors. Work in Bangkok for foreigners lies mostly in the IT industry and teaching English. For highly skilled Expats, there are lots of opportunities in the logistics industry and the financial sector as well.

As an expat, you are more likely to earn more money than a local working in the same industry and even in similar positions. This is an indicator of the high levels of inequality that is evident in Bangkok’s job market. However, Thailand is famous for having a myriad of employment opportunities for expats with the right and preferred qualifications and skills. Expats require to obtain a Thai work permit before they start working or staying in Thailand. The competition and the general climate in the job market in Bangkok are favorable and friendly to even expats with short-term working experience.


Work Culture in Bangkok

Work culture is one essential factor that you should consider when choosing a workplace. The best place to work is a place with a work culture that promotes career growth and development, superb work-life balance, and competitive remunerations. It is a place you can learn new things related to your career efficiently while still working. Working in Bangkok as an expat is not different from working in any other region in the west regarding the work culture. The work culture in Bangkok features a business etiquette that most expats have experienced while working in other countries.

One of the most notable work cultures is the traditional “Wai” greetings. This is a greeting where you press the palm and bow slightly. However, this should not worry you as the western handshake is overtaking this tradition at a high rate. This is a gesture that Thai businesses are learning the need for doing business internationally by accommodating foreigners and their ways of life. Office businesses run almost similar to many countries. The working days are from Monday to Friday and half a day on Saturday. The working hours typically run from 8 am to 4 pm while most shopping malls are open till late in the night, at 10 pm.


How to Find Work in Bangkok

Living and working in Bangkok requires expats to get a Thai work permit. For foreigners, it is not always an easy task finding work in Bangkok. This is due to the restrictions that are deployed on the positions that the foreigners can fill. However, this section will take you through the best tactics on how to find work in Bangkok. The hassle for obtaining a job and work permit in Thailand should not deter you from attaining your dream of working in this robustly growing city.

The best way is to search for a job online before landing in the country to secure a position beforehand. Also, the English-Thai newspapers are great resourcing for sourcing a job in Bangkok as they contain valuable information and job adverts as well. Recruitment agencies and Thailand career fairs could also play a crucial role in helping you land your dream job. Most companies help expats to gain a smooth transition into Bangkok. They at times offer accommodation and other luxuries, particularly for highly skilled expats. This will help you settle in easily while keeping you away from common problems faced by expats.


Places to work in Bangkok

Bangkok is a fantastic city with a vibrant culture and a low cost of living. Shared office spaces have led to great success in the recent past. This working model has worked flawlessly in Europe, the US and the business is at its golden age in Asia currently. Coworking spaces in Bangkok offer meeting rooms for rent and places to work independently or collaborative. These coworking spaces are equipped with ultra-fast Wi-Fi and other amenities required for a productive working space. The demand for shared office spaces in Bangkok is continually on an upward trajectory in the recent past.

If you are looking for formal jobs, the following are the best industries to try your luck; English/foreign language teaching, Hotel industry, Actor/model, scuba diving instructor or start your venture.


Pros and Cons of Moving to Bangkok

Working in any foreign country has its pros and cons. Living and working in Bangkok is too not an exception. However, the benefits of Expat living in Bangkok in Thailand outdo the downsides.



  • A relatively cheap cost of living.
  • A vast variety of modern, affordable accommodation amenities.
  • The lifestyle and culture of Bangkok comprise a rich and vibrant culture.
  • The weather in Thailand is foreigner-friendly. Gorgeous summers.
  • There is affordable quality healthcare around the city.
  • The transport in the capital and beyond is generally cheap, and there is a large variety of choices.


  • The Thai language is overwhelming and a bit difficult.
  • Political stability is wobbly.
  • The weather may at times reach to uncomfortable extremes during winter.



Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. If you enjoy your two weeks’ vacation in this city why not turn it into your home and workplace? It is possible to move to Bangkok and start your dream of living in the city as an expat. Visiting the city for fun and vacation is a lot different from working and living there. If you are lucky enough to land a job in Bangkok Thailand, A work permit is all you need. The city presents a vibrant culture and friendly working places. Besides, the job market offers a wide array of opportunities for expats with highly competitive salaries.

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