Best Places To Work Remotely – Work From Anywhere: Home or Abroad

Work Remotely

Do you work remotely or are considering it? Read our latest blogpost to see why co-working spaces are the best places to work, wherever you are in the world.

Remote Work Locations

Obviously, within the limits of a city, there are countless places to work remotely. Below are six of the most helpful locales.

1. Libraries

Libraries can be welcoming places for long-distance employees. You can slip inside, find a space by a window, and get down to business. You can stay as long as you’d like, and with people reading all around you, the environment is conducive to work.

2. Public Parks

Parks offer sun, scenery, and opportunities for people-watching, all of which can make working more pleasant.

3. Gyms

How about your gym? Before, between, or after workouts, you could find a cozy corner somewhere in the building and do some assignments. If you use a mobile device, you might even get some projects finished while you’re on an exercise bike or a treadmill.

4. Hotels

You could always work inside a hotel, perhaps in your room, the lobby, or a special section for business travelers.

5. Eateries

These days, just about every restaurant, diner, coffee shop, and bar offers its patrons free Wi-Fi. If you know a place that’ll let you linger over your food, why not turn it into a workspace?

6. Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are the best places to work remotely. They’re specifically designed for distance workers, and they can provide you with such amenities as your own table or desk, cutting-edge pieces of office equipment, and the opportunity to mingle and network with people from all over the world.

Work Remotely Overseas

Perhaps you’re dreaming of working remotely abroad; you want to head to places where you could combine your career with exciting social and cultural experiences. Well, here are ten of the top cities around the globe for remote workers.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Just about everywhere you go in Bangkok, you’ll find fast and cheap ― or free ― Wi-Fi, and residents tend to treat people from other nations exceptionally well. Best of all, if you obtain a coworking space in Bangkok, you’ll probably fall in love with the regional palaces, temples, markets, and nightclubs.

2. London, United Kingdom

London is full of start-up technology companies and thus very accommodating to remote workers. Plus, you can’t beat the historic locales or the fish and chips.

3. Prague, the Czech Republic

Prague’s housing is fairly inexpensive, and its architecture is awe-inspiring. It’s quaint and picturesque, yet it’s becoming a booming technology center. Therefore, you can expect fast and reliable internet throughout the city.

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a global leader in terms of opening coworking spaces, and it’s a majestic city that’s home to a wide range of cultural and historic attractions.

5. Hong Kong

It’s hard to top Hong Kong when it comes to working remotely abroad. It’s a dynamic, thriving metropolis with spectacular skyscrapers and any number of truly great restaurants, and the Wi-Fi there is extremely dependable.

6. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, which sprawls beside the Danube River, features renowned Turkish baths, trendy nightspots, and a bustling technology scene that makes many remote workers feel right at home. Not to mention, high-speed internet is easy to access, and coworking spaces are plentiful.

7. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei has just about everything a remote worker could want, including a strong transportation infrastructure and a booming technology sector. What’s more, the city is full of natural wonders, including magnificent mountains.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Remote workers are somewhat common in Cape Town nowadays, and in this city, you can hike a mountain, relax on a beach, and even see a few penguins, all in the same day. Also, it’s easy to find coworking spaces there.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers hundreds of mobile hotspots and incredibly beautiful, art-filled streets to admire between your work sessions. In addition, the year-round warm weather may inspire you to do your best work.

10. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is now experiencing an influx of digital workers and technology firms, and it’s not hard to understand why. There are bistros throughout the city and plenty of coworking spaces where you can kick back and focus on your tasks for the day. Moreover, compared to many other European cities, it’s an affordable place to live or spend time.

Work Remotely From Anywhere

It’s fun and rewarding to work remotely, but it can take a little time to get used to it. These tips should help you to maximize your productivity.

1. Don’t Get Distracted

Do whatever you can to eliminate distractions. Stay away from rooms where people are watching TV, talking, playing video games, or creating any other noise that disturbs you.

At the same time, soft background music might stimulate your brain.

2. Routine Is Your Friend

Try to stick to a regular schedule. Each morning, get up at the same time, and each evening, go to sleep at the same time. Also, always get dressed as though you were going to a traditional office. Doing all of those things should put you in the right frame of mind for work.

3. Breaks Are Valuable

Take plenty of breaks throughout the day. During each of those breaks, stretch and walk around. That way, you’ll clear your mind and improve your circulation.

4. Go Different Places

You might find that moving from one place to another every few hours or so gives you newfound energy and focus. You could simply go from one section of a building to another, or you might head to an entirely different locale.

5. Safety First

Every so often, install the latest antivirus programs on your computers. Similarly, whenever you’re in public, look around carefully to make sure no one is trying to sneak a peek at your passwords.

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