Alternative Work : 8 Signs You Need to Find Coworking Spaces


Workplace organisation and culture has changed significantly over the past two decades. Technology is one of the leading players in the evolution of how people work. It has made work more comfortable and faster but has also blurred the line between work and leisure.

It has made it easy for most employers to find alternative work options that they can do from the comfort of their homes. Startups also no longer have to worry about investing in a physical business location. However, it has affected the regular workplace set up in many ways.


How Do People Work Nowadays?

The organisational culture and management at the workplace have changed significantly since the onset of the millennium. First, the market has shifted from product-based to customer-based. It has made business success more dependable on social skills and technological competence than specialised skills.

The focus on the customer needs and dependence on the possibilities of technology has led an increased “time-famine.” It is where most employees have much to do in very little time. Consequently, most employees have to work longer hours, even at home to meet tight deadlines.

Organisations have also become more lean and agile. Therefore, they no longer guarantee permanent employment as they change with the market. As a result, freelancers and remote working is a growing workplace trend. It has led to the development of alternative office space options called coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are where you can go and work, just like a typical office, only that the others are not your workmates. It is like a public library, where everyone goes to read but are not from the same school. It is becoming more popular in this age where everyone is struggling to find a work-life balance.

While the garage or bedroom can be the right place to incubate business or work remotely, there comes a time when one has to get out and join other professionals. Here are eight signs that your time has come, or is long overdue.



1. Your Professional Network is Suffering

Founders that had mentors have a doubled possibility of success compared to the ones who did not. Keeping the network healthy requires constant communication and interaction. Working from home limits this exposure. You miss a chance to connect with one more person, a possible partner every day you work from home.

Since you might have just you as the only employee of your business, it is not prudent to have an office. A coworking space is a cheaper way to get access to real-life professionals. In some cases, you can find a community coworking space for those who belong to the same industry.


2. You Have an “Office Hangover”

Working from home can be a challenge if you were used to waking up in the morning and working in an office the whole day. You were accustomed to sharing ideas with co-workers during breaks then suddenly you are all alone. Unless you never enjoyed your coworkers’ company, working at home or a coffee shop will be depressing, if not impossible.


3. Your Coffee Bill Is Skyrocketing

Those who do not wish or cannot work at home have always opted for a corner at the coffee shop. You still have to buy a cup of coffee to justify your presence at the shop. It can be costly, considering one cup of hot coffee cannot justify you taking up a seat and a table for 8 hours. Besides, a lot of coffee is not good for your body.


4. Motivation Begins to Decline

A team’s morale is at the peak at the beginning of the startup. Achieving their dream is more important than the location of their workstation. They can discuss solutions over dinner, during family gatherings or weekend outings. Once the excitement is over, and challenges show their ugly heads, the zeal cools down.

A coworking space provides an opportunity to keep the team motivated as they meet different people who will challenge and inspire them. Research showed that 8 in 10 people who moved from home to coworking spaces had significant improvement in productivity and creativity.



5. Increased Distractions

Running a business or working on a solution requires a peaceful environment where you can spend long hours thinking about a problem. Sometimes, changes in the home or neighbourhood may make this impossible. For example, your teenage kids have come home for the holidays, or you have a new neighbour who cannot keep his music to himself. All these affect your concentration, focus, and productivity.

It is time to find a coworking space for rent and move your business operations there. Most of the people who come to these places are also running away from distractions. Therefore, they will usually not cause disturbances for others.


6. Your Business Has Stagnated

Another indication that you need to book a slot in the new coworking spaces close to you is a stagnant client base. The first step to increasing your client base is getting to out to where you can meet professionals. You never know who will be on the line the next time your phone rings once you get the word out to the streets. You might even find a partner in your new coworking space.


7. You Meet Clients in Your Garage

While this sign of a humble beginning is not bad, it is only applauded when your business grows into a multi-billion firm like Amazon or Apple. Otherwise, it may cost you some excellent opportunities. It gets worse when you have to business meetings in your crumpled residence.

Coworking spaces not only provide a place to sit and interact with others, but they also have conference rooms that you can book for meetings. Such will offer a great facelift if you have to meet top paying clients, stakeholder, or prospective partners.


8. You Are Becoming Unhygienic

One main slop side of remote working is that you do need to look presentable during the work hours. Initially, it is fun to make money while in your pajamas. Soon, you start going days without a shower, looking unkempt and gaining weight. In this case, you can opt for part-time coworking membership options. It will help you tidy up “for the office” a couple of times a week.


So, Does Coworking Space Help?

Coworking provides several benefits for the remote worker, freelancer, and the self-employed. The main reason why coworking space is a good idea is its unsolicited access to other professionals. It is more than a working area.

In spite of the development in technology and the evolution of the workplace and organisational structure, a formal office set is still necessary. Shared office space provides the opportunity for remote workers and entrepreneurs to work in a structured environment while still maintaining the much-needed work/life balance.

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