How to Network with People You Meet in Coworking Space


Co-working helps build you as an entrepreneur through the establishment and maintenance of a network is an activity that spurs the entrepreneur to succeed in the field. The phrase ‘my door is always open’ comes into play in a co-working environment. A difference will be made in your business as these doors will facilitate the entry of people who are capable of doing so among them innovators gifted with creativity and entrepreneurs.

It is in this way that the generation of value in your business will kick start. Traditional working spaces are being replaced by an independent workforce that calls for coworking space that facilitates co-working and sharing of office.

Why Does Networking Work?

Networking is useful for a company due to the opportunities that it presents. How can networking help your business? The importance of networking with people is facilitated by:

1. Sharing of knowledge

Ideas will be exchanged during a networking session, and this will facilitate gaining and sharing of the experience one possesses with another. Experience brings about information which in turn is vital to a business.

2. Partnerships

Acquaintances that will be created through networking will foster new opportunities for business. You can meet people competent in various fields which put together with your competencies can provide a service or product that can generate profits.

3. New Leads

The ideology exchanged will once again make the value of itself via the perspective given by a coworker. This perspective will provide you with a new angle to tackle your business challenge with and this may prove to be quite successful.

4. Referrals

No one possesses all the skills required to perform specific tasks or collection of functions. The people in your co-working space will be able to refer experts they have met in the course of their life and work experience. These referrals may prove quite helpful and even affordable solutions in the long run, and this will generate new acquaintances and yet again forge partnerships.

There are more specific ways of how networking can help your business depending on factors like your line of industry. Failure to network, however, will hinder cultural development, and one’s daily thinking will lack a new or fresh perspective. Gaining these two shows why networking works and why you should embrace it.

Networking and sustaining the networks is, however, is not a piece of cake, and shared office space are adopting activities alongside the establishment of areas that will facilitate collaboration within the house and eventually be networking.

Useful Tips on How to Network With People

1. Turn up to events for your community in coworking space.

A lot of co-working organizations host events for the in-house members which provide a guarantee for establishing connections and networking with fellow entrepreneurs. There will be diversified across industries, and this community will be built in hence bringing the networking opportunities to your working space doorstep.

As networking events will be hosted a few paces from your desk, convenience is brought up alongside the networking opportunities. Note down the dates in which these events will take place and try to make your attendance as frequent as it can be to be able to explore more and diverse opportunities.

2. Don’t just attend but also host these events in your space of work.

Do not hold down an event idea especially if you haven’t been able to make it for most events that have been hosted in co-working space. Some offices will help businesses organize their functions via designation of communal areas.  The activities that you may come up with in such setups could include exhibits, workshops, and parties generally.

A company’s network of clients is made stronger via attendance and hosting of these networking events. The community manager will help in advertising your event within your working space.

3. Take your breaks in the community spaces.

It is easy to forgo lunch to add more time to the development of your firm, but building networks also facilitate the quick growth of your firm. Breaks may include lunch breaks and tea breaks.

You will have a chance to meet your neighbors and interact with them especially during the lunch periods. A fruitful relationship may emerge from a chat with someone you shared your table with at lunch.

Encourage your co-workers to eat away from their desks so that they may make use of this opportunity as well both for their benefit and the organization’s benefit as well.

4. Expand your networks to the online community.

Use LinkedIn to further your interest in a company within your co-working space. An email of introduction to one that cultivates your interest is also an excellent way to start networking with them.

Online interaction will help you expand your networking reaches to those who have inconvenient working hours and to those who are often traveling for business.

Communicating online is a great follow up tool for acquaintances made in the events you attended. Moreover, you don’t have to visit the facts to create an online contact but you can walk into the fellow company’s offices and ask for them, or you can collect them over lunch. The communication will hold even when one moves into a new working space.

5. Make use of materials of promotion.

The pen, notebook or even a mug with your company’s logos doesn’t have to be limited to your clients only. It can also remind the person in the co-working space of your organizations or you as an individual.

It may create a nudge for them to reach out for collaborations. Moreover, you may be able to reach their client base as well via your promotional material.

This may be through their reference, or it may cultivate the curiosity of a visiting client which is an opportunity for the growth of your business.

6. Make Use of already established connections.

This tells you how to build the network with people you have already met and interact with. There is, however, a certain amount in which you have associated with in the past but do not do so often in the present.

Getting acquainted with these people helps in broadening your network. However, your already existing systems can be helpful in making referrals for you hence another opportunity to expand your network.

Considering every opportunity to network with co-workers in a co-working space is essential for professional development and business growth hence every opportunity should be taken up.

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