Things to Consider When Choosing a Co-Working Space in Bangkok

coworking space in Bangkok

Working from home has it benefits. From the decreased need for work attire to no commute, telecommuting is pleasant and convenient. However, studies show that there is a problem with working from home, which is a lack of productivity. For most people, home just has too many distractions for them to be able to work effectively. Coworking facilities can resolve this problem. If you’re ready to take this step, be sure to consider a few things as you begin the task of choosing a coworking space in Bangkok.

Focus on the Community Aspects

Coworking spaces are built for entrepreneurs and digital wanderers. This makes them places that include those who live a lifestyle that’s similar to yours. Find one filled with your people, individuals who will understand the frustrations and joys of working on your own. By working in a community with others who know the ups and downs of operating a business without a defined location, you’re sure to receive helpful advice and plenty of tips. While this could make it tough to focus, it will give you the motivation to get up and go to work. You may also gain the advantage of making work friends. Since Bangkok is a city filled with things to do, you’ll appreciate having people in your life who want to experience these fun things with you.

Consider Your Clients

A disadvantage of being without an official office is that it can be tough to meet with clients. If your career requires this type of interaction, coworking locations can be your lifeline. Many of these facilities include private areas that you can rent out for an hour or two. This gives you a quiet place to discuss deadlines, expectations and contracts. Some even have boardrooms, so if you’re meeting with a group or need to give a presentation, then you’ll have a place to do it. Spaces with high-end amenities are also available. Coworking spaces may come with media centers, classrooms, event spaces and even libraries. Look for a space along Silom Road as this area is the closest thing that Bangkok has to a main business district.

Rent a Shared Office Space Bangkok Based on Cost

When it comes to shared office spaces, the cost to rent them is often unpredictable. Prices fluctuate according to their size, amenities and location in addition to the length of your rental contract. Search for a space that comes with a reasonable price, one that won’t blow up your budget. In Bangkok, you’ll find spaces for ฿300 a day as well as ones that property owners will rent to you for ฿18,000 a month. While shopping for a coworking space, make sure that the facility’s amenities are included in the rental price. Some spaces charge extra for printing access, internet and kitchen areas.

Choose the Best Location

If you’ll be using your coworking space as an office and as a place to meet with clients, then select one with a good location. When you’re running a business, networking is important, so find a location that is near places where you can go for lunch or take a break and grab a cup of coffee. Because Bangkok is one of the world’s busiest cities, consider renting a space near the BTS. This will make it easy for your clients to reach your workplace. Coworking locations range from places of isolation to areas where it’s possible for you to make great connections that could take your business to the next level.

Find a Coworking Space that Inspires You

Before signing a lease on a coworking space, make sure that it’s a place that inspires you. When you work for an employer, your hands are tied when it comes to the facility’s atmosphere and environment. Once you begin searching for your own workspace, this is not the case. Coworking spaces not only provide a change of scenery from your residence, but they can also be a place that motivates you. The riverside area, which is located between the Taksin Bridge and Chinatown, could provide some inspiration due to its proximity to the East Asiatic Company headquarters, the Oriental Hotel and the French and Portuguese Embassies.

Look For a Space with the Perks you Need

While the world has largely shifted away from paper and hard copies, you may still need these things. As you begin searching for a coworking room, consider renting one that offers you access to basic office perks. This may include a printer, scanner and physical address. When you’re working with clients, a physical address can come in handy. Some people and companies prefer to communicate certain types of information this way.

In Conclusion

By considering a coworking company’s location, perks and inspirational aspects, you’ll ensure that you’re selecting a co-working space in Bangkok that works best for you. Coworking facilities are an ideal work solution when you need a place to focus on your career. Virtual offices are also a good option when coming to Bangkok. You can compare the main providers in this post from FitSmallBusiness. Whether you’re starting your own company or telecommuting, coworking spaces and virtual offices can help you build your career.

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