What Types of Office Space Work for Your Business?

The types of office space you choose will depend on your budget, type of business and the desired location. Office needs for a manufacturing company may not be the same as those for a service delivery business. So, what are the types of an office and what should you go for?

Home Office

This is ideal for a new startup on a low budget as it is cheap to set up and manage a home office You can work in your garage or set a room aside as an office. A home office is also ideal for those who work online. Before turning your house into an office, get to understand whether you need a permit. Some well-known companies today such as Alibaba and Apple started off in a home office.

Virtual Office

This is an ideal choice for those who do not really need to be stationed in one place but want to have a physical address and a place they can have a meeting with an important client. There are those clients you cannot take to your house or hotel; a virtual office can provide a meeting space on demand. This type of office comes with a receptionist who answers your calls before forwarding them to you and any mail received at the office. A virtual office gives your business more credibility as clients have the assurance of finding you at a physical location when they want to.

Coworking Space

Coworking space or shared office space is ideal for a small business on a low budget but which requires a physical location for its operations. You can team up with another business, hire an office then share the space. Co-working space concept is not only ideal for businesses that want to save some money but those who want to be exposed to new ideas and ways of doing business. As you interact with other businesses you meet new people, learn new ideas, and appreciate what other people do for a living. Business people tend to spend time either with clients or like-minded people but when you meet different people, you get wise

Rental Offices

This setup is ideal for a business that wants to have private operations. Renting an office requires monthly payments for space and other amenities to the landlord. The amount paid depends on the office size, style, and location. Newer offices with more amenities and modern features tend to be more expensive than older ones. You may change the space set up to suit your needs such as partitioning or painting with preferred colours. Renting an office is a temporary set up, but you need to sign a contract with the landlord before taking up the space.

Leasing and Traditional Office Set Up

Leasing is a more permanent option where you get a space then pay fixed term payments such as for 6 months, one year or several years occupancy. The contract is more binding that when renting the space. Leased office spaces are ideal for businesses that want the assurance of a particular location for their operations for a long term. The set up is suitable for established business.

Traditional offices consist of a reception area, several offices, a shared meeting room and lounge area. This is ideal for corporates as each person can have their own private office. Mostly, traditional office spaces are available for more than one year lease.


Creative Space

Unlike the traditional space which consists of several offices, the creative space is just one large space with a separate area for meetings. The people have individual workstations but not separate offices. This setup allows more interaction during office hours which promotes teamwork and friendship. Also, a business does not have to spend much partitioning the space to create offices for its employees. It is also easier to hold more employees in an open space than create small offices for them. If you have many employees, a creative space set up can be the ideal choice.


Serviced Offices

Serviced office space is ideal for businesses that want to hire a space that includes all the basic work equipment such as computers, furniture, and office amenities. The rent is inclusive of all the extra services offered. This is a convenient set up for companies that want to set up a temporary base in a particular location.

With these ideas, you will realize that you have many office space options and be able to make an informed choice when choosing between different types of office space. You may start with one office arrangement then move with your business needs. For instance, you may start with the coworking space to reduce the costs but as the business grows, rent or lease your own place.

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